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Mission and Goals

  • Stabilization of patriotic standards, and social cohesion, and train on vital citizenship, & encourage volunteering for the development and glory of our.
  • Raise the community awareness of different aspects of human rights, and contribute to building the society on democratic & social justice foundations.
  • Respond to the needs during and after emergencies caused by armed conflicts & natural disasters in order to support and save the rights of refugees & and marginalized groups.
  • Confront illiteracy; encourage education and innovate it as it is considered one of the pillars of development.
  • Preserve and protect the environment and the biodiversity. And raise the awareness of health & diseases prevention.
  • Community Development and promotion from recipient communities to participatory communities in its development. And raise the community capabilities in order to promote well being, freedom, and civilization.
  • Contribute to a build a world where children get all their rights, through working on the foundations of a safe environment that protects the child from all forms of abuse & exploitation & violence, provide health services, and raise the awareness of child safeguarding policy.
  • Support women rights to achieve gender equality, and raise the awareness of the importance of women participation in community development.

Patriotic Vision Organization-Human Rights - (P V A)

Patriotic Vision Organization (PVA) seeks to promote social civilization, and raise the well being of the individual and the society in an environment that saves freedom and the right of choosing within the humanitarian & social boundaries. PVA also work on peace building and saving human rights. And we seek to social, economical, and patriotic development, and to new outlooks of development according to internal and external changes throughout suggesting solutions for development challenges. Since PVA was established on 2013 it worked on child protection & development. And since it was registered as a non-governmental organization on 2015 under the registration number 209 we became a child leading advocate NGO, committed to, guided, & based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.