We are a Patriotic Vision Association is a Lebanese non-profit civil society Association that aims to contribute to the construction of society civilization, and the consolidation of national patriotism, and ensure interaction between different groups of the society and the establishment of social ties among the largest possible number of its people ,and it works during and after times of emergencies resulting from armed conflicts or natural disasters by:

1- Contributing to raise the awareness of patriotism & citizenship.

2- Developing strategies for implementing social and economical programs by conducting educational & cultural activities.

3- Encouraging and supporting all parties that aim & work on social and economical development without any discrimination among the beneficiaries, by which the partner provides technical assistance and financial support in case it’s available.

4- Contributing with all the activities that aim to develop local human resources, according to local, social and economical needs.

Lebanon | safa BLDG 1st Floor, jabal-mashate Street, tyre – berj rahal  
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